CHEM 4980/6850/8850


X-ray Crystallography

This site holds *.pdf documents that contain the class notes for your course. Most of them are offered in two formats, one slide per page, or two slides per page. The ones that are only offered in one format are found on this main page. There will also be handouts for projects or old exams posted as the semester proceeds.

Most images/figures in these slides are taken from the following resources:

1) �Structure Determination by X-ray Crystallography�, Ladd and Palmer, Plenum, 1994.

2) �International Tables for Crystallography, Vol. A, Teaching Edition�, Kluwer, 1993.

3) �Crystal Structure Analysis for Chemists and Biologists�, Glusker, Lewis and Rossi, VCH, 1994.

4) �Crystal Structure Analysis: A Primer�, Glusker and Trueblood, Oxford, 1985.

5) �Elements of X-ray Diffraction�, Cullity and Stock, Prentice Hall College Div., 3rd edition, 2001.

6) �The Rietveld Method�, ed. R.A. Young, Oxford Science Publications, 1993.

Other sources are indicated on slides.


Single page handouts


Two per page handouts