Latest Course News and Announcements

4-28-10: The results for the Ch 17 Quiz and your updated Current Total Points and Average are available on the Blackboard/WebCT site.

4-28-10: Since we won't have time to do another in-class bonus writing assignment, I've added 4 points to everyone's record. It is listed under My Grades as "Bonus 3."

The Lecture Slides from the Tues 4/27 class are available.

4-27-10: The results of the Extra Credit Book Report are available 
on the Blackboard/WebCT site. NOTE: The effect of an accepted report is NOT reflected in the "Current Grade" listed under My Grades. The credit from the book report will be applied to your grade after Test 4, once your final total points in the course is set.

The Study Guide for Chapter 17 and Ch 3 pp 127-132 is available. Please print it.

A reminder that the Extra Credit book report is due Thurs, April 22

The Study Guide for Chapter 15 is available. Please print it.

4-12-10: The Study Guide for Chapter 14 is available. Please print it.

3.25.10: I will continue post links to course materials (except the reading quizzes and "my grades" of course) to this web site as well as to the Blackboard/WebCT site.

Please e-mail me at if you have any questions or concerns.