Chapter 3 Quiz (Instant Feedback)

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1. The sum total of a person's beliefs about his or her personal characteristics is called 2. Which of these best fits Bem's self-perception theory? According to self-perception theory, when cues are ambiguous people often 3. (1)__________ motivation occurs when the person engages in an activity for its own sake and for the pleasure of it, while (2)__________ motivation occurs when the behavior is a means to an end and a way of achieving some tangible reward. 4. Schachter's two-factor theory of emotion holds that one's emotional experience arises from a combination of 5. Zajonc had subjects pronounce vowel sounds that forced the subjects' mouths into either smiling or frowning positions. Zajonc found 6. The tendency for people to recall that they played a more central role in past events than they actually did is called 7. In contrast to American society, many Asian cultures tend to have a more (1)__________ cultural orientation which leads to a more (2)__________ view of the self. 8. Which of these is an example of "basking in reflected glory"/"cutting off reflected failure?" 9. Self-discrepancy theory states that (1)_________ comes from the match between (2)__________. 10. William Swann tested the need for self-verification by having subjects fill out a self-concept scale and then choose an interaction partner from two people - one who had evaluated the them favorably, or one who had evaluated them unfavorably. Swann found that subjects tended to choose evaluators who
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