Chapter 4 Quiz (Instant Feedback)

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1. Based on the information in your textbook about which communication channels are the most revealing, under which of these conditions would a detective have the best chance of detecting if a witness is being deceptive? 2. Attribution theory is primarily concerned with the ways in which people 3. The idea that we infer a person's attributes from actions that are freely chosen, unexpected, and associated with a small number of desireable effects is most consistent with 4. Anne tends to estimate the likelihood of an event occurring by the ease with which she can recall previous instances of this event. This most clearly reflects the 5. Vic believes that Toyotas are generally unrealiable cars because he knew a guy who constantly had trouble with one. This is despite the fact that he is aware that Consumer Reports magazine consistently finds that consumers in general have rated Toyotas as one of the most reliable cars year after year. Vic's judgement of Toyotas best fits which attributional bias? 6. Blaming the victim for what happens to them is an example of which attribution bias? 7. The primacy effect refers to the tendency for people to be influenced by __________ when forming an impression about another person. 8. People's tendency to seek out, interpret, and otherwise filter information in ways that verify their existing beliefs is called 9. Fred notices Amy screaming wildly at a rock concert. Since many people are also screaming and Amy does not scream in most situations, Kelley's covariation theory would predict that Fred would most likely attribute Amy's screaming to __________ factors.
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