Chapter 6 Quiz (Instant Feedback)

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1. A positive or negative reaction to a person, object, or idea best defines the term 2. According to the theory of planned behavior, attitudes influence behavior 3. A person is most likely to choose the central route to persuasion when the 4. The two key characteristics of the persuasive influence of the source of a message are 5. Research shows that which of these type of messages would most likely to persuade an audience about quitting smoking? 6. What conclusion does the textbook come concerning the effectiveness of subliminal messages? 7. Agreement to which of these statements would indicate a high need for cognition? 8. Which of these best describes Festiger's cognitive dissonance theory? 9. Festinger and Carlsmith persuaded students who had participated in boring study to lie to another student and say that the task was very interesting. Some students were paid $20 to lie and others were paid $1 to lie. A control group performed the boring task without trying to convince another student it was interesting. All three groups then rated how interesting and enjoyable the task was. What did the researchers find? 10. Which of these theories does NOT hold that person's private attitudes really change when faced with attiude discrepant behavior?
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