Chapter 7 Quiz (Instant Feedback)

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1. The ways in which people are affected by the real or imagined pressures from others (such as pressures to conform, comply, or obey) describes the concept of 2. People tend to coform to group norms in ambiguous situations based mainly on 3. Studies on the effect of group pressure on conformity using the Asch line judgement task find that the most influential factor on conformity is the __________ of the majority group. 4. Studies show that conformity to peer pressure tends to peak in the __________ grade. 5. The __________ a society is, the more likely it is to have an individualistic cultural orientation. 6. Negotiators often ask for more than they want, expecting that a large request will be turned down. They then a make a smaller request which is now more likely to be accepted. The negotiators are using the __________ technique. 7. In his obedience studies, Stanley Milgram instructed subjects to deliver electric shocks to an unseen "learner" in a faked learning study. Milgram found that a majority of the subjects 8. According to social impact theory, the likelihood of being influenced by social pressure is greatest when the sources of the influence are
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