Chapter 9 Quiz (Instant Feedback)

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1. Social pressures to marry someone within one's own social group is called __________ by sociologists. 2. The term dating differentialrefers to the tendency for 3. The need for affiliation refers to the desire to 4. In class Kay sees someone she thinks is very handsome. She figures he is also probably charming, sensitive, and caring. Kay's thinking reflects the 5. Fred thinks Ann is a "10" in terms of physical attractiveness, but figures he probably has a 50-50 chance of her accepting if he asked her on a date. Fred finds Beth fairly attractive, maybe an "7" and figures there's probably a 90% chance that she'd accept if he asked her out. According to Saxton's concept of the attraction factor, Fred is 6. The principle of reciprocity states that we tend to like people who 7. People are motivated to maximize benefits and minimize costs in their realtionships is the main idea of __________ theory. 8. Nora's husband abuses her, but she puts up with him because she thinks that any relationship is better than none. The reason that Nora remains in this marriage is because it falls above her 9. After dating Cheryl for some time, Mark admits to her that he is an alcoholic. This revelation is an example of
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