Chapter 11 Quiz (Instant Feedback)

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1. (1) ________ involves inflicting harm in order to obtain something of value, while (2) __________ inflicts harm for its own sake. 2. Agression against a substitute target because agression toward the source of frustration is prohibitive best defines the concept of 3. As temperatures increase, so does the likelihood of riots. This finding best fits the __________ model of aggression. 4. According the arousal-affect model, aggression should decrease when the emotion is (1) __________ and the intensity of physiological arousal is (2) __________. 5. The sequence of events in the cognitive-neoassociation analysis of aggression is 6. Repeatedly viewing violence in the mass media can lead to a decrease in both physiological and psychological responses to violent images through the process of 7. A person scoring high in acceptance of rape myths would disagree with which of these items from the Rape Myth Acceptance (RMA) scale? 8. The cycle of family violence refers to the 9. The belief that whatever we do is good, and whatever our enemies do is bad, best illustrates which biased perception? 10. Which of these is an example of what Aronson calls pump-handle interventions for controlling school violence?
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