Chapter 12 Quiz (Instant Feedback)

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1. The term jury nulification refers to. 2. Research shows that subjects prefer the (1) __________ model of dispute-resolution (2) __________ the verdict was decided in their favor. 3. The smallest number of members on a jury permitted in American courts today is 4. Research shows which of these statements about eyewitness identification of subjects to be true? 5. Jurors who favor the death penalty are _________ likely to find defendants guilty than are jurors who oppose the death penalty. 6. The pretrial examination of prospective jurors by the judge or opposing lawyers to uncover signs of bias is called 7. Jurors often do not follow the judge's orders to disregard inadmissible evidence because such orders draw the juror's attention to the. 8. One problem with using the polygraph as a lie detector is that
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