Chapter 13 Quiz (Instant Feedback)

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1. According to Fiedler's contigency model, a _________ leader in an employment setting is single-mindedly focused on the job. 2. Which of these best summarizes the sunk cost principle of economics? 3. Which of these methods has the least research support as being a viable alternative to the use of tradition interview methods in personel selection (i.e., which is the least predictive of actual job performance? 4. The policy of giving preference in hiring and promotion to women and other underrepresented minority groups is known as 5. Which of these was suggested by your textbook as a way of improving the accuracy of performance evaluations in the workplace. 6. "Has a vision; gains respect, trust, and confidence; promotes a strong identification of followers" These phrases best apply to which characteristic of transformational leaders? 7. A failure of the evaluator to distinquish among distinct aspects of a worker's performance is called the ___________ effect.
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