Members in the Young Group!

Michael C. "Iron Mike" Young (Professor, aka "The Boss")

Born in the land of tobacco, Mike began his chemistry career in mountainous Western Carolina studying hydrogen-bonded self-assembly with Prof. Brian D. Dinkelmeyer. Believing that biomimetic systems held great promise for greener catalysis, Mike then traveled to the also mountainous Inland Empire of Southern California to study self-assembled cages and their applications towards organocatalysis with Prof. Richard J. Hooley. Hoping to expand his horizons, Mike then traveled to the hilly part of south central Texas to work with Prof. Guangbin Dong, exploring dynamic covalent strategies for directed C-H functionalization of ketones and amines and occasionally trying to help "Keep Austin Weird." Now he leads his own group in the less-than-hilly Toledo area, attempting to combine all of his hydrogen-bonding and self-assembly know-how towards more useful C-H functionalizatoin for derivatization of sustainable feedstocks for therapeutic, energy, and materials applications.

Pratibha Chand-Thakui (PhD Student - 2017)

Pratibha is a PhD student here at University Toledo who comes to the Young lab from Nepal where she was born and raised. She is involved in the lab's sp2 C-H activation research, and is also looking at extending the electrophilic coupling partners used for our sp2 as well as sp3 C-H activation work. When not in the lab, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter.

Allison Rabon (PhD Student - 2016)

Allison hails from Pennsylvania! She comes to the Young lab from Indiana University in Pennsylvania, which despite the name is firmly in PA. In moving to Toledo, Allison has almost finally reached living in IN, which she claims is not a life goal. When she isn't watching the Penguins bloody the ice, she likes to study solid state chemistry, and enjoys being the group's go-to for x-ray crystallography! In her research, Allison is working on preparing new metal-organic frameworks for interesting materials and catalytic applications via postsynthetic modification. After graduate school Allison hopes to get a job continuing to work with solid state chemistry to help make the world a better place.

Justin Maxwell (MS Student - 2017)

Justin is pursuing his M.S. here at University Toledo, where he also received his B.S. in Biological Sciences. After his M.S., Justin hopes to attend medical school. In the lab Justin is involved in developing new C-H activation reactions at sp2 C-H bonds. In addition to developing new synthetic methodology, Justin is also working to use some of our C-H functionalization methodology to rapidly access new analogues of biologically-active molecules of interest that are then being screened by various collaborators to understand how they function, and to hopefully develop more potent therapeutics.

Kern Baxter (Undergraduate Student - 2017)

Kern is currently pursuing his B.S. in Chemical Engineering here at the University of Toledo. His current project is part of a collaboration with Prof. Karunarathne's lab involving the synthesis of novel anti-oxidants that may have useful biological properties. When not in lab, Kern can be found working at Jamba Juice. Kern has also taught Chem 1200, is a fan of astrophysics, and spends too much time watching educational programing. Despite still learning how to cook in the lab, Kern considers himself to be a pretty good chef outside of the lab.

Meddie Demmings IV (Undergraduate Student - 2016)

Meddie is a Chemical Engineering major at the University of Toledo. Hailing from Indiana, Meddie objects strongly to the fact that it is colder and that there is more snow in Toledo. When he isn't studying complicated math and engineering principles, Meddie works on developing new chemical sensors. These colorimetric sensors are designed to test for the presence of barbiturates and cyanurates, and he hopes to both improve the detection limits of these sensors, as well as to hopefully incorporate them into a device that law enforcement can use.

Jared Doremus (Undergraduate Student - 2018)

Jared is a chemistry major at the University of Toledo who plans to graduate in the Spring of 2020. Afterward, he plans to go to graduate school to get his Ph.D. in chemistry and become a professor himself. Jared is involved in Alpha Chi Sigma and volunteers for the Sylvania branch of Rotary alongside leading a CHEM1200 class as well. He also enjoys playing video games, euchre, and playing chess competitively in his free time. Jared is working on making metal-organic frameworks for solid-phase microextraction (SPME) materials via post-synthetic modification.

Alyssa Garreau (Undergraduate Student - 2018)

Alyssa is currently a rising 3rd year student studying chemistry at The University of Toledo. Alyssa is currently working with Hanyang Zhou on C-H activation of amino acid-derived substrates. In addition, Alyssa is also working on an independent project to develop a simple system.

Johnathan Kennedy (Undergraduate Student - 2017)

John is a biochemistry major here at the University of Toledo. A former marine and Toledo native, John is working towards attending med school. His research focus is on making new anti-oxidants as part of a collaboration with the Karunarathne group. Once he has synthesized a sufficient library of compounds, John hopes to work with the Karunarathne lab to actually explore their biological properties.

Daniel Liu (Undergraduate Student - 2017)

Daniel lives in Ottawa Hills and concurrently attends classes at Ottawa Hills High School as well as at the University of Toledo. He was working with Dr. Mohit Kapoor on the development of more sustainable directing group strategies for C-H functionalization, but now he is working on synthesizing new ligands for rapid detection of enantiomeric excess. In his free time he enjoys reading books and playing the cello and piano. At Ottawa Hills, Daniel participates in Science Olympiad and Quiz Bowl. In the future, Daniel hopes to become a medical doctor, but also studying chemistry and statistics.

You Could Be Here!

The group is currently looking for enthusiastic undergraduate and graduate researchers. If you are interested, please contact Prof. Young. Although we would like to offer a home to excellent postdoc applicants, at the moment we do not have the funding. If you want to apply for funding to work in the lab, please email Prof. Young to discuss options.