My how time flies!!

Welcome to my Home(page) in the Virtual World!

Here you'll find information about the work that I do; gifted/talented/creative individuals—people I'm proud to know and to have worked with for my professional life; and, support for courses I teach or projects currently "on tap".

If you feel inclined, you are invited to share your story about being or living with giftedness; or, to contact me with questions or comments. I learn the most from people living the life, bearing the labels!

Is there a Highly/Profoundly gifted individual in your household?

I'm looking for families willing to talk about their experiences and expectations raising (or living with) H/PG individuals in the household. If you are willing to share your experiences to help others learn about H/PG life, please contact me: robert.schultz@utoledo.edu


Click on Gifted Children Speak Questions to take part in the international project. Please encourage your gifted friends and acquaintances to also put in their "two cents." New questions are coming to this survey. Contribute your story, so we have it all straight!!



Not Highly/Profoundly gifted? No worries.

If you live with giftedness in your family, we'd like to hear from you too!

Click to take part in a project for parents and families growing with giftedness. Share your stories about raising/living with gifted individuals. We are especially interested in hearing your stories about education and educational settings that worked....and didn't. So little is known about educating gifted/talented/creative individuals; but, so many are happy to broadcast assumptions that are likely off base....



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